About Us

Company Backgroud :

  • Partnership Firm was founded by Brijesh Makawana and Vimal Patel in Ahmedabad.
  • Firm providing Computer, Computer Peripherals, Networking, Laptops, Printers and Computer Service in all Computer hardware.

Communication Facility

  • Telephone connection at Office
  • Telephone connection at Residence of all Key Person
  • Broadband Internet connection at Office
  • Mobile Phone Connection by all Key Person

Information Technology & Data Processing

  • Field Engineer Team
  • Senior Staff for overall supervising of work
  • Computer Operators
  • Sub-staff to carry out operational 

Clients Really Love Us

  • Firm’s policy is to provide the range of services generally expected from any medium to large firm. Its philosophy places emphasis on its core business of computer services, in which it is amongst the most reputed.

Man Power Team

  • Fully advanced computer system with latest technology enabled with Laser Printers and Laptop for the smooth working of the office and better services to all the beloved clients.