Optimized parking

User can check the nearest parking available to him using his/her gadget.

Better manageability

Centralized monitoring over the traffic flow in the parking.

Enhance User Experience

As Simple as Alphabets with a quite powerful and precise Algorithm beside.

Decrease Parking Cost

Satyamev’s Smart parking will be light over budgets as it doesn’t require human-resources.

Increase Service Image

Helps to improve the service availability provided to the user.

Less/No Human Resources

Smart Parking system is centrally managed reducing cost.

Total Control over Parking

Single person can easily manage parking space by parking management software.

Easy Trackable Path

By billboard any one can find free parking slot in the parking using the enhanced interface.

Extensive interface with Building's Footprint for Better Understandability

Core Features

Positive Impact over buildings portfolio.

Users can get attracted by the way parking is managed by the building.

Core Features

Intuitive web-based platform

Web based interface, no additional app downloading and installing chaos .

Core Features

Smart sensors

Smart to keep up with the life and helps by reducing time consumption.

Core Features

Sign Board and bill board

Sign Boards at every steps helps you to reach your destination more quickly.

Core Features

Local Network Hosting

Scan, Connect, Browse for parking. That’s All.

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